A 9V idea

I’ve been worried that the watch battery solution wouldn’t work well – the voltage you can expect from a battery is barely enough for the RF transmitter.

So I’ve decided to try this with a 9V battery instead.  They are fairly light, and as the pictures below show, my car can carry them round the track ok (and crash and spill the breadboard and battery on the floor – oops, maybe I need a better solution for holding them than blu-tac – nah, just more blu-tac :-) ).


Also, that means I don’t have to go to Maplin today!  One thing I do have to do though is go pick up the new Scalextric motors I got from ebay (all but one of the rather ancient cars have dead motors).

Next up though, sorting out that accelerometer data transmission.

One comment

  1. Mike says:

    Having looked at the spec, the ATTiny wont take 9V, and draws too much current for me to be able to get away with the simple voltage divider scheme. I need a Zener diode. So I do need to go off to Maplin after all!