I never got round to trying out my new motors yesterday, so I thought I’d give that a go this morning.  I replaced the motor in one of our two old Porsches.

Unfortunately I broke the motor mount slightly when getting the old one out – the old plastic couldn’t take the flex (or maybe I’m doing something wrong, I did seem to have to push very hard!)  Still, the motor seems be in held in well enough to run round with no problems.

The tyres on the Porsche are knackered so it slips all over the place, which makes it rather a challenge to drive.  Unlike the Merc, I couldn’t get it to go round just with a steady voltage.  Hooking up the controller, I had a race between the computer driven (i.e. steady voltage) Merc and me driving the Porsche – the computer won, but I think I did reasonably well considering the lack of grip.

If I can fix up the other Merc then we should be able to have a fairer race.  I’ll get you next time, Gadget!

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